About Us

Our Mission

To set the foundations for a world which no longer suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Our Story

Troy, Matthew, and Daniel founded Really in 2016 after working together at a previous startup. They began this journey with an initial focus on social engagement by better understanding language. A few months afterward, however, Troy's mother, Jan, was formally diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. It was Troy's experience in the months that followed, that he realised just how little research and treatment options were available for neurodegenerative disorders. Knowing the immense value of language and its potential in the space, Troy, Matthew, and Daniel guided Really in a more impactful direction - to leverage the best of today's technology to solve one of the world's largest burdens - Alzheimer's disease.

Our Vision

Our language expresses what we are. Really are. And how we are. Really are. It reveals often hidden patterns, changes, emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

What if we could analyze language to learn what’s behind our words? What if we could give a voice to the silent, detect hidden emotions, predict anger, or diagnose people whose physicians don’t even know they’re sick?

At Really, we’re using advanced machine learning and individual data to do just that. We apply it to the behavior of an individual to understand how he or she feels, interacts, and to understand these changes over time.

We envision a world that no longer suffers from Alzheimer's by making neurodegenerative detection universally accessible. Less burden and better life outcomes for all.